Badrakh Energy LLC is strongly committed to local communities and their development.

It defines sustainable ways to manage its socio-economic impact by sharing mining benefits with local communities by:

  • commissioning studies to better understand the socio-economic environment in which the project will integrate,
  • creating jobs and training local people in industrial and other skills,
  • purchasing locally produced goods and services,
  • supporting the development of infrastructures benefiting local people.

Building an open and effective dialogue

Badrakh Energy strives to build a trusting relationship with all stakeholders living in the aimags of Dornogobi, taking into account the specifics of Gobi Desert communities and in particular, the herders.

Local cooperation council

Dialogue exchanges

45 +
meetings held since 2013

In Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bag, a series of dialogue exchanges between the company and representatives of local communities, called Local Cooperation Councils, were launched in 2013, on a quarterly basis.

Site visits

Students visit

site visits organized between 2018 and 2019 for more than 200 people

Pedagogical visits are regularly organized for the communities based in Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bagh of Sainshand sum of Dornogobi aimag (Local Cooperation Councils' members and observers), as well as herders and professors. Nuclear physics students from the National University of Mongolia are also regular visitors.

Social and economic development

The Badrakh Energy and Cogegobi companies in Mongolia have taken action on a voluntary basis to improve the livelihood of the local communities neighboring the areas of the activity, right from the start.

In 2018 Badrakh Energy entered into a Cooperation Agreement with the Ulaanbadrakh sum and the Zuunbayan bagh. A key objective of this agreement is to ensure the contribution of the company to the development of societal projects in the following domains: access to water, human health, animal health, education, culture, access to energy and economic development.

Projects are submitted on an annual basis, through the Local Cooperation Committee representatives. The selection of projects is carried out with the participation of the local administration according to the above priorities.

The Mines Societal Committee, set up by Orano’s Mining Business Unit, assesses and confirms the conformity of the projects with the priorities.

Investments in Dornogobi Province (million MNT)

Company Scholarships

students benefitting from scholarship program since 2010 for the best students of Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuunbayan bagh

4 year
scholarships for high grade studies

Local Purchasing

5,000 kg
of meat per year since 2014

wooden sample boxes

Supporting local herders

Veterinary project (2014-2016):

  • 800 visits + to herder families diagnosing more than 1600 heads of cattle.
  • 392,550 heads of cattle received anti-parasite treatment.

Around 12
wells per year (more than 60 wells have benifitted from the program)

Over 70
families benefiting from livestock reconstitution project in Ulaanbadrakh sum and Zuumbayan bagh since 2007

Social Development Projects

FXB project: leading families sustainably out of poverty

Beneficiaries of the FXB project

With support from the AREVA Corporate Foundation and the Badrakh Energy staff in Mongolia, the François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) association launched the deployment of its three-year program in Dornogobi aimag in February 2016.

The program aims to lead 100 families sustainably out of extreme poverty and enable them to achieve social and economic independence.

The families are supported with training on the issues of nutrition, health, lodging and education and are provided with seed money in addition to theoretical knowledge and practical advice to start income-generating activities.

At the end of the program, the families should be able to sustain themselves financially and this should lead to further positive impacts on their community and the country (sense of dignity, building self-esteem, etc.). A total of 600 people from the Dornogobi airmag have benefited from this program.

In the end of 2018, Orano Mining decided to continue supporting the FXB project for three more years.

Free Laparoscopy surgeries introduced

Dornogobi Province citizens are receiving free laparoscopy, or key-hole, surgery.

Laparoscopy surgery

In September 2013, Badrakh Energy bought and provided surgical equipment to the Sainshand hospital. Key-hole surgery, which costs 2 million MNT in Ulaanbaatar and 350,000 MNT in the countryside, is now being carried out for free in Sainshand hospital.

A total of 600 people have benefited from this surgery, roughly 100 operations per year. The apparatus also enables the diagnosis of illnesses, as well as being used for surgical operations.

Two doctors and a nurse from the hospital were sent to Lyon, France, with all expenses paid to get experience with working with the equipment.

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